Deck Mounted Depth Markers.
Required by Insurance Companies.
Proven in Their Ability to Provide Critical Information for Accident Prevention.
Westside Pool offers three types of deck
mounted depth markers.

  • Skid Resistant Ceramic INFO-TILE.
  • Skid Resistant 3-M Vinyl Stick-On
  • Stencil
Attractive Skid Resistant
Ceramic tiles are set
permanently into the pool deck
providing years of maintenance
free service.

$35.00 Per Tile Installed
Average 12 Tiles per Pool Including
2 w/ international NO DIVING symbol
& 2 per Spa

Skid Resistant Vinyl 3-M
Stick On Decal. Given the
harsh realities of pool
service and desert climate
decals have a life expectancy
of one to three years.

$25.00 Per Decal Installed
Average 12 Decals Per Pool
Includes 2 w/ International
NO DIVING symbol
& 2 Per Spa

Spray painted black four
inch letters on white
background. Life
expectancy of one to two

$10.00 Per Stencil
Average 12 Stencils Per Pool&
2 Per Spa
Includes NO DIVING Text