Westside Story...

Westside Pool has been
specializing in commercial
apartment & HOA swimming pool
maintenance since 2001.

We use OUR portable vacuums
that save wear & tear on YOUR
pool equipment & extend your
filter life.

All of our technicians are CPO and
SNHD certified. (SNHD #CI2138)
We enjoy an excellent working
relationship with SNHD and carry
all required liability and workers
comp insurance.

We are licensed A10-E contractors.
(NV LIC # 62648).

We do repairs, and  remodels.


Westside Pool is the authorized CAT
POOLCOMM provider for Las Vegas.
State of the art
microprocessor-based, water quality
controllers with integrated wireless
satellite communications that
automatically adjust sanitizer levels
to compensate for extreme swings
in bather loads. These controllers
use affordable wireless technology
and internet based monitoring that
allow us to monitor sanitizer levels
and equipment functions 24/7. In the
event of equipment failure or
unacceptable readings we will
receive alarm notifications via email,
pager, text messenger or cell phone
and respond immediately.
Custom WSP Signage

Exclusive custom signs made of the
highest quality, most durable reflective
aluminum INFORM as well as meet code
and insurance requirements.

Our signs strive to provide crucial
information about the hazards of diving and
provide guidelines to raise awareness of
the potential for spread of infectious
disease. And help lessen liability.
Tiger Tested
All of our technicians are CPO,
SNHD certified and