Westside Pool installs the first SNHD approved Safety Vacuum
Release System (SVRS) in compliance with the
‘‘Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act"
The STINGL switch senses increase in
vacuum caused by suction entrapment
and shuts off the pump.
The satellite linked CAT controller
senses the loss of flow and sends
text and e-mail message alarm.
An audible/visible alarm alerts pool
users to the danger.
Cirque du Stingl
May 28, 2008 Southern Nevada Health District Plan Review approves Las
Vegas' first
Stingl Switch. Representatives from Clark County, Henderson and
the City of Las Vegas observed the inspection, operation and testing of the
federally mandated Safety Vacuum Release System.
SRVS System
and Automated Water
Chemistry Controllers
(Westside Pool is a licensed A10-E Nevada contractor)
May 28, 2008
NOTE: This device has been designed to terminate pump operation in the event of a potential limb or body entrapment. This unit may
not prevent evisceration. Stingl recommends additional layers of protection be employed.
Test Procedure:
Proper operation of the SR-500 must be verified by restricting flow to the pump while running in any of the normal operating modes (timed, continuous, and remote).
Begin testing by covering the main drain sump with a rubber mat. This will cause the pump to pull through the skimmer line(s) only, resulting in a higher operating vacuum. It
may be possible to cover the drain and not increase the operating vacuum past the cut-off threshold. In these cases it will be necessary to close the skimmer valve(s) to create
the vacuum necessary to create an alarm condition.
NOTE: Repeat this test 3 times to verify proper installation.